Doing any business in Poland yet?

Do you want to start doing business with Poland now it has become a member of the European Union?
Do you hesitate because of lack of knowledge of the local language, legislation and culture? Are you looking for a professional and enthusiastic consultancy firm that can support you in the establishment of profitable business relations?
In that case Polska Consult Holland is the right partner for you.
Polska Consult Holland Business Mediator offers the following services:

  • Project development and management of your activities in Poland
  • Diversity management and intercultural communication
  • Marketing consultancy and support
  • Selection of business partners and recruitment of your staff
  • Representation towards companies, governmental institutions and local authorities
  • Organisation of your business trips to Poland
  • Office services including translation services.

Polska Consult Holland is owned and managed by W. Sasiadek.
W. Sasiadek has a long lasting professional carreer in both Poland and the Netherlands in the fields of communication and (project) management.
Polska Consult Holland has been active in business support since Poland has joined the European Union. References can be given on request. Please contact use at our Dutch office to see what we can offer you.

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